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Professional equipment
for fluids distribution

Fluids & Lubrication



TORINO RENATO is a leading manufacturer of professional equipment for the distribution of fluids such as compressed air, water, oil, diesel fuel, urea (AdBlue) and grease. Our products are almost entirely manufactured and assembled within the company and are sold under the trademark FAICOM Italy.
They can be used in several fields such as industry, automotive, agriculture, petroleum and chemical industry and wherever the transfer of fluids is requested.


The Company


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Developments and Research


Manufacturing Process


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Pump Assembling


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Hose Reel Assembling


Hose Reel Assembling


The Warehouse

Our product range constantly develops and expands thanks to our continuous research for innovative solutions as well as our careful attention to customers’ requirements.

Today, Faicom Italy products are well-known all over the world for their quality, in fact through a network of importers and distributors they are now sold in all continents.

Faicom Italy, in addition to support the customer in the product choice and purchase phase, represents also a point of reference in the following period thanks to its after-sales service.