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Our Story

Renato Torino starts assembly and welding of bicycle frames.

In his small workshop, Renato Torino, creates the homonymous company that will be responsible for the manufacture of compressors and dryers for compressed air for over a decade.

From this activity derives the FAICOM brand which means FAbbrica Italiana COMpressori (Italian Compressors Factory).

It marks an important change of direction for the company that begins the construction of the first automatic hose reel.

FAICOM products are exhibited for the first time at the international AUTOPROMOTEC fair in Bologna. The FAICOM Hose Reel range starts to be exported throughout Europe.

The FAICOM range expands with lubrication products such as pneumatic pumps and their kits.

The production plant is expanded by about 2000 square meters with the installation of some automatic production lines.

Creation of the first website

The lubrication range is expanded with the production of waste oil suction-drain units.
A further expansion of the plant brings the production area to cover about 5000 square meters.

The extension of the warehouse and the assembly area bring the covered area used for production to a total of 8500 square meters and 200 square meters of technical, commercial and administrative offices.

A patent concerning the operation and construction characteristics of pneumatic pumps is filed. Ornamental models are also deposited on some types of hose reels and pneumatic pumps.

The hose reel range expands with new specific models to transfer certain particular fluids such as diesel, urea and petrol.

Registration of the new trademark “FAICOM ITALY”.

The “Safe rewind” controlled hose rewind system is incorporated on some hose reel models.

Start of the production of Atex hose reels and stainless steel Aisi 316 hose reels.
Acquisition of EAC “EurAsian Conformity” certification.

Adaptation of the stainless steel hose reels complete with compliant hose for water passage in contact with food. Faicom Italy products are exported directly from TORINO RENATO COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE in about 70 countries worldwide.

The range is expanded with manual hose reels available in powder coated or stainless steel versions.