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Powder Coated Hose Reels


The hot-galvanized steel structure is molded and powder coated to ensure maximum strength and durability. The Automatic hose reels thanks to the high quality spring they allow the automatic rewinding of the hose and to stop it at the desired length.
Some models are fitted with “SAFE REWIND” brake system which allows to rewind the hose at controlled speed and in total safety. Hose reels can be used in different fields to distribute fluids such as compressed air, nitrogen, water, oil, antifreeze, windscreen liquids, grease, fuel, urea (AdBlue), oxygen/acetylene, propane, methane, etc.

The swivel joints are specifically designed to ensure maximum fluid flow and made of suitable materials for the various applications.
The series consists of different models both in closed or open version. Many of them are available in colors red RAL 3002, blue RAL 5012 and gray RAL 7040.
There are three large groups of powder coated hose reels: small/medium/large size, “special” which includes automatic hose reels for gas distribution and “manual” for manual hose reels.