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Pumps & Kits
for Multifluid Distribution


DP21 Multifluid pneumatic pumps have been designed for applications that require resistance to oxidation and compatibility with chemical substances. They allow the distribution of different low viscosity fluids such as oil, diesel, urea (AdBlue/AUS32), antifreeze and windshield fluid, but also aqueous solutions with detergents or disinfectants.

They are not suitable for distributing petrol, solvents, flammable liquids or particularly aggressive or corrosive fluids. They are built with high-quality composite materials to guarantee reliability and wear resistance and are economically advantageous compared to stainless steel pumps available on the market

The high flow performance allows the transfer of large volumes of fluid at a short/medium distance and distribution is regular due to the DOUBLE EFFECT pumping system.

The double cylinder motor includes a pneumatic distributor and is distinguished for its functionality even at a low pressure.

To facilitate installation, different accessories such as stainless-steel suction pipes, flexible suction hoses, bung adaptors for metal or plastic drums, supports and panels for wall or tank installation are available.