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Pumps & Kits
for Grease Distribution


GP and GPM pneumatic grease pumps are designed to guarantee high performance and reliability. They are suitable for the distribution of high pressure thick grease and oil for both short and long distances.

They are used for mobile applications with trolley in the most diverse sectors or on centralised fixed systems in the industrial and automotive sectors.

The pneumatic supply of the equipment allows to operate in maximum safety near flammable products. The double effect pumping system ensures greater efficiency and allows regular distribution and greater flow.

The double cylinder motor includes a pneumatic distributor made of high quality composite material to guarantee oxidation resistance and durability.

The pumping piston is constructed with hardened steel parts, accurately coupled for greater resistance to wear and to withstand the heaviest uses.

A filter into the suction pipe prevents the suction of foreign bodies that may be present in the grease.